Open for a specific wan ip to a server or nasbox on synology RT2600 Router

The task is to allow a specific ip address access to a server and a nasbox. Else the whole internet have access.

First you have to find all the ports you have made port forwarding to:

In this case it is port 8000 for the synology nasbox,
and port 4000 for the RDP connection to the server.
The go to security/firewall
So port 8000 and port 4000 have to be blocked.
Create two new rules
Block 4000
Block 8000
It is important that you type in the ip for the distination server.
INFO: If you choose all in “Distination ip” the you vil not be abe to connect to another server that is using port 4000.
Remenber in synology a rule is both “LAN to WAN” and “Wan to Lan”
Now press save

Go to another computer outside your lan F.esk  you cell phone and try to connect. The connection should time out.

Now i is time to open for a specefic wan ip.
Create 2 new rules fill out the “source ip” with the wan ip. You can find your wan ip at
Remember that all deny rules have to be at the bottom. Else you have to drag the rules to the bottom.

If you want just one to acces your server from one country, you just have to replace source ip with Region.
First test with a country different from the one you ar living in.
Click save and test that you can not access your server.

Now you can replace Region with the country you at living in.